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 SLC SPEEDY PROCESS SERVER'S IS A PRIVATE Process Server company serving service of process in denton, collin, Tarrant, and dallas counties

SLC Speedy Process Servers has professional Process Servers to handle your case with speed, care and professionalism. We hold a 5-star google rating, please look us up to see why we should be your go-to DFW process-servers.


Friendly and Effcient 

Customer service is our top priority, You will never feel neglected, or feel that your case is just another number.

Live Support 

There will always be a real person to assist with your needs, not an answering service. Just give us a call

Accountability and trust 

Our Registered Process Servers are responsible for every completed serve. Problems and concerns are handled directly, not through automation.

Personal Relationsip 

We pride ourselves on developing a personal relationship with our clients. You can always reach us.

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We are a private process serving company and we are ready to assist and meet your needs with diligence and professionalism. Choose us to serve and notarize your documents and lets not delay your case anymore.



Why choose us? 

Private process server vs sheriff or large company

A private process is always a better option than going with the sheriff or a large company. Private process servers can make service attempts at all hours of the day, not just business hours. Private process servers are diligent in getting your documents served and ensuring that your case isn't held up. 

Pricing for a process server

Our standard service starts at $80 in Denton or Collin county.  Rush service of process is $115 and Same-Day is $140. Visit our Denton or Collin county pages to see what cities we cover.

Our standard service starts at $90 in Dallas or Tarrant county.  Rush service of process is $125 and Same-Day is $160. Visit our Denton or Collin county pages to see what cities we cover.

service of process

You'll get detailed updated attempts throughout the process. A proof of service or notarized affidavit will be filed with the court once service is complete.

If you are not happy with our service, we will work with you until we can find an option that works for you.

In business since 2020

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We have professional process servers! Talk to a real person, not an answering service. Hire a process server today.

We are SLC Speedy Process Servers. We are a reliable, professional, and reputable process serving company that provides all document delivery. We serve all defendants including individuals, businesses, registered agents, financial industries, companies and everyone else.
Process servers in Denton county, Collin County,Tarrant County, and Dallas County!

Questions? Call us at 682-207-6642, Email us at admin@slcspeedyprocessservers.com or slcspeedyp@gmail.com, or use the contact form.

Process Server

We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable process serving company. That is why we have dedicated Process Server's that deliver Subpoenas, Lawsuits, and all other legal documents on Behalf of Finance Companies, Landlords, Government Agencies, Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals, and many other clients.

Our Texas Process Servers are dedicated to compliance, timeliness, and proper service.
We are dedicated to diligence, accuracy, and maintaining professional relationships with our clients

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Need your Documents filed or domesticated?

Let us help! We can file or domesticate your docs for you then get them served as well. Email us your docs, pay your invoice, and we'll get started.

Filing Services: $100 plus court fees

Compliant, reliant, and fast texas process servers.

 SLC Speedy Process Servers is utilized by major real estate organizations, registered agents, leading corporations/government agencies, law firms, finance companies, registered agent and any individual needing service of process. don't hesitate to contact us for reliable process serving in denton, collin,Tarran, or dallas county.
Phone: 682-207-6642
Email: admin@slcspeedyprocessservers.com or SLCSPEEDYP@GMAIL.COM

Texas service of Process

Serving any defendant including entities, registered agents, individuals, starts $80 for four attempts (standard service 3 to 7 business days with first attempt made within 36 hours) . 

  • Email or Call us. You can also use our online store if you have already found what you need and pay that way.
  • Let us know what speed of service you need.
  • Email over the name of the defendant(s), individual, company or registered agent along with documents to be served.
  • An invoice will be sent over from Square Up.
  • Once payment is received, we will begin the service attempts
  • You will be kept up to date throughout the process with details of each service attempt
  • A proof of service or notarized non-service  affidavit will be filed with the court once all attempts have been made.

Why do you need a process server?

A process server or sheriff are authorized in Texas to serve service of process on behalf of your suit/case. The judge over your case may order you to hire a process server to serve your documents. mProcess Servers can serve a variety of documents including subpoenas, petitions, citations, summons, and some writs. 

Common questions about Process serving



All companies charge different prices. Our standard service charge is $80 for 4 attempts, between 3 to 7 business days. Although we do serve many cities in the DFW, a distance fee can be added on if the mileage is outside of our normal service area. We also offer rush and same-day service.

WHAT DOCUMENTS CAN a process server SERVE?

We serve all documents allowed by law.

How can I serve someone in jail or prison?

Only the constable can serve someone in jail or prison, a private process server cannot.

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This product is for Denton or Collin county routine service. If you need a different county or different speed of service, visit our county pages or call/email us.


Get a subpoena served.

We can get your subpoena served with same-day service starting at $140. Have time on your hands?  Try our Standard $80 or Rush $115 service.