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What is service of process?

Service of Process is accomplished through delivery of documents describing the legal action. According to United States law, all parties must be notified if they are facing legal action against them in a court of law. Those documents include subpoenas, complaints, summonses, writs and order to show cause.

What does a professional process server do?

A process server delivers legal documents to parties involved in court proceedings. Texas process servers must be registered, and all process servers must adhere to all state regulations. A judge may order you to hire a process server to serve your documents and that's where we come in.

what is a process server

Common questions about Process Serving

Questions about Service of Process in Texas

How much is a process server in texas?

All companies charge different prices. Our standard service charge is $80 for 4 attempts, completed within 7 business days. Although we do serve most counties in the DFW, a distance fee can be added on if the city is outside of our normal coverage.

What documents can you Serve?

We can serve any document that the law allows, this includes subpoenas, summons, citations, complaints, petitions, demand letters, and so on. 

How do you deal with someone evading service?

We work diligently to serve the defendant and try our best not to waste attempts. We keep you updated on the status of the service of process through email after each attempt. We ensure to discuss options and details with you to find the best way to serve the individual and/or business.

We also offer stakeout services for difficult defendants for $75 an hour

How long will it take to serve my documents?

Standard service all four attempts are completed within 7 business days, with the first attempt made within 72 hours. Rush service all attempts are completed within 5 business days with the first attempt made within 36 hours.  Same Day service all service attempts will be completed with 3 business days with the first attempt made on the same day of payment. 

What is a demand letter?

A process server can assist you in getting this letter served immediately before any legal action is taken. Hire us to assist in this matter. Call us at 214-245-3907 or email admin@slcspeedyprocessservers.com. Click the picture below.

demand letter is a formal document sent by one party to another in an effort to resolve a dispute. The sending party might issue a demand letter requesting payment or another action to right a wrong or settle some type of grievance. Here are the key points about demand letters:
  1. Purpose: Demand letters are typically written by lawyers and serve as the first step before initiating legal action against the recipient. They outline the damages, specify a demand for restitution, set a deadline, and describe the consequences if the conditions aren’t met.

  2. Content: Most demand letters include directions on how to resolve the issue, including payment details and deadlines. The recipient may choose to comply with the writer’s request, respond with their own letter denying the claims, or even ignore the demand letter.

  3. Good Faith: While demand letters are not legally required, they are frequently used in contract lawtort law, and commercial law cases. Sending a demand letter demonstrates good faith in trying to come to a resolution

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Who do you serve documents for?

Anyone! We offer process serving for the general public, law firms, attorneys, financial services or institutions, government entities, and so on. 

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